Turkey Insight (I) – Will fifty percent arise from this lot?

If, #direngeziparkı, is not a revolution – which certainly isn’t- it is quite difficult to tell today what will arise from this lot. However, as we stated before; Turkey, who progressed in middle east question, has from now on started to live its true issues and face them and its future, while settling scores with the past. (06.06.2013)

How and why did we come down to this day?

Perhaps our greatest issue, particularly for the last three decades, is that all issues of Turkey was oppressed, packed into a certain issue; and all pre-existing economic, social, political, cultural and psychological indicators were attempted to link to this addressed issue.

If Turkey’s economic situation is bad, the problem is clear; if it has social congestion and its fundamental rights and freedoms are in pawn, the problem is clear; if its politics, tutelage and cultural demands are under pressure, the problem is clear again. That is why neither EU has taken us in, nor we have any international reputation left.

Because this was the easiest way. This apparent evaluation was sold so easily that this issue was accepted even by its addressees and victims, it was lived by accordingly and demands were deferred accordingly.

Yet, this problem created by a deliberate and systematic policy of disagreement and fueled by blood every day; was in fact used as an efficient tool to create a profile of society bereft of pondering its main issues, making ideas regarding these issues, deprived of their capability to organize wisely and productively – or more precisely, convinced of self-abandonment –.

With its large masses, this societal stature cleansed of thinking and evolved into a lifestyle of submission was perceived as ready to accept any kind of “amicable and modern” lifestyle without question. People, indexed to afford from liveable, financially scaled architectural pool of freedom to what they are able to afford, was also served a wide range of diverse lifestyles. They became able to afford the lifestyle they desire within structures seperated by walls at various measures of square-meter, ranging from villa to a small apartment.

However, this new structure had to have a variety of rules, of course. This new society, which moved from class mentality into categorization would be more convenient to get dissociated primarily according to ideological and then cultural differences, income statuses and even occupational position. In this new architecture, it would not be fitting for an employee to reside in the same apartment block, live in the same neighborhood and to shop from the same shopping centre with a director, even if the two work in the same company.

Surely it may sound primitive to you, some of you may even think that I mention about caste system. No. Am I saying that this is antidemocratic? No.

In fact, I mention about reconstruction of a society, which is being attempted to transfer into sense of new democracy and peaceful community belonging to the new world system. I mention about the throes of creating a society fit for the future to which Turkey – by its structure and through choices made by its institutions – is being inevitably transferred.

Where is Turkey heading to? What is the future holds for Turkey?

We now live in a country whose government requests for three children from its citizens. An artificial but beautifully glamorized world for everyone is being created for the children to be born, in which, collective housing structures are being erected as modern shanties; disconnected enclaves are provided where they will feel free in every respect; health care is covered at a low cost – even if you don’t like it – ; an elective educational system which they can leave at a point according to their skills is presented; roads, bridges, tunnels and subways are built in order to provide their safe transportation; thematic shopping centres are constructed where they can have fun before going home.

This beautiful world has its prices, of course. Payable, easily dispensable, small prices. (1) First of all, to abandon a self-producing architecture. To move from alive, naturally complex cities into modern, neat cities where streets are very clean. (2) To gladly and unwittingly like the approved culture instead of creating the city’s own. (3) To relinquish all kinds of social production and turn towards all out social consumption and (4) instead of making politics of oneself, to choose one of the alternatives presented, whose positional templates are prefabricated by the system according to their differences – differences that do not pose systemic threat – .

Turkey has already an alternative that is liberal-democrat, eliminates tutelage, establishes economic prosperity, brings liberty – doing so by starting from the most mistreated of the last 60 years no less, then making way for the victims of the last 30 years – and presents the blessings of peaceful atmosphere.

Only a single part of this final picture remains: A decent opposition!

In other words, “the other alternative”, which must have a systemic place among what are to be presented. So this opposing republican must be conservational and hawkish. It must value nationalism rather than economy, advocate to all past values and overemphasize – with the most radical sentiments – the superiority of Turkey in the international arena.

A delicate experiment : Ak Parti is seeking its opposition!

This opposition, as it is seen, will not arise from this lot. Yet, this lot has shown us that a fifty percent can arise from it. The problem is, who will have this fifty percent?

Two assessments regarding the subject must be seriously reminded. (1) According to the first one; it was already obvious for a long time that the existing opposition in Turkey could not meet – its designed future and social demands – the needs of Turkey. (2) The other assessment is, as Turkey’s history of democracy shows us, that strong right parties fall into a rapid decline, after they pass the critical threshold of fifty percent. Besides, this decline also leads to long-term – and sometimes acutely discontinuous – processes of weak governments and coalitions.

Yet, economy of Turkey, with all its assets and investments, from now on does not have the luxury of having a decline once again . This decision – which is not mine, as you see – belongs to the system that has been established and , with its foreign investments, is still being established in Turkey.

The system; having determined its investment areas, started to establish industrial facilities, planned out the energy requirement of these investments and embarked upon their establishment, defined the employment structure it needs, sowed the seeds of information society; has already chosen democracy as administrative system all the same. Is system some people? Definitely not. It is a circumstance! Who the actor is (or actors are), is another matter of debate.

Today, an official mouth of Turkey said “It has become apparent that Turkey has no proper opposition. Otherwise, tensions would not reach at this point. Perhaps the reason that tensions has come to this point is because that our citizens cannot see the political party that reflects their opposing emotions and senses.

That’s right. Today, Turkey does not have the power for tomorrow of the protests it experienced. The most unbelievingly chanted slogan by every “chapulist” (including myself) in context of ‘pure economy’ and ‘absolute political will’ – purified of ideological and cultural demands – is “Hükümet istifa” (Government resign). Then, which government will take its place?

As for what this lot can do with the existing opposition, which they genuinely deny and exclude, the same official mouth replies as follows: “… I believe that a political party established by these fellow activists will improve democracy…”

Of course, I left main assessments at which some of you will get angry, to the end!

Today, in Turkey, it is apparent that the Government has eliminated the entire inadequate opposition through a process that it believes it has got through “smoothly” (with plenty of tear gas, yet with little blood). Meanwhile, during the execution of this –invaluable elimination –;

(1) the already acquired fifty percent has been gained indefinitely as a disintegrable whole (may variate about 3-5 points),

(2) Its own life model and those who embrace this model has been infused – with a social consensus of one hundred percent genuinity and sincerity –,

(3) The opposed fifty percent has been successfully transformed into block vote (takes a continuum of two elections at best)

(4) Tolerance range of the opposed fifty percent has been determined, their sensibility and good-will messages have been received (in other words, their means and levels of happiness have been determined)

(5) How the outcomes of social attempts can be harmful for public investments, economic life, morale and motivation has been memorized (albeit with tear gas) and,

(6) All marginal elements have been unveiled.

In my opinion, systemic message has been received as well. Although the names do not matter, it is wise to be prepared for a presidential election which, after two elections at most, is going to take place between two parties. I wish continuation of positive outputs of this ongoing action and a good future for us.

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